Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More pics

Sorry bloggers, I think as this is so quick and simple it might get addictive!!!!

Thanks for visiting!

Whoo new app!!!!

After watching craft day on qvc for too long yesterday my brains a bit fried, I'm all dawn bobby and tim holtzed out! Still I suppose it's my own fault I did watch for nearly 17 hours! I pity the polyester princesses on ideal world who were probably doing nothing all day.
I know I'm waffling but the point is all this lead me to trying to find an app that allows me to blog from phone, as I find taking photos and uploading them to the pc etc puts me off blogging. Now hopefully it will be simples, as I'll be able to take a picure on my iPhone and blog from it as I sit by my pool! Well not actually a pool but a full bath!
Well here goes time to see what the first picture looks like.... It's an example of my collage art

Whooooo it works! How fantastic I'll be blogging so much more now you'll be sick of me by Easter .

This is a cool Lego app that turns your photos into Lego !